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Bitcoin (bitcoin.org) is just like Paypal.com. We are here to help you to top up your Bitcoin account with a better rate and at a faster way. We are reliable, responsible and experienced in exchanging Bitcoin.

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  1. Click BUY Bitcoin (BTC) or SELL Bitcoin (BTC).
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  6. You will received Bitcoin (BTC) or money shortly.

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Bitcoin (BTC)?

Here is a right place for you to do that. We are providing a simple, faster and cheaper way for you to exchange Bitcoin (BTC).

We are capable to provide honest, trust worthy, good services and secure transactions to you. MYEGOLDEX is proud to say that, we are the best Bitcoin (BTC) exchanger.

Still have a doubt?

Our website domain name is registered under Yahoo Web Hosting and our contact number is registered with telco. That is the reason why MYEGOLDEX never scam. We always be honest and aim to establish a long term business relationship with our customers.

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